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Chanel Thierry Expresses Frustration Over Mustard’s Alleged Refusal to Allow Holiday Visitation with Their Kids



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Tensions between Mustard and his ex-wife Chanel Thierry are escalating amid their divorce, with Thierry recently venting her frustrations on Threads. In her public expression, she accused the producer of rejecting her request to spend time with their three children during the holidays, attributing his actions to jealousy, control, bitterness, and more. Thierry asserted that Mustard is preventing her from seeing their kids out of spite.

In her social media post, she stated, “Imagine not allowing a mother to see her kids on Christmas for the second year in a row is NASTY WORK,” emphasizing the emotional toll of being separated from her children during a festive season. She continued, “Especially after they already expected to see her. Some of these men are more bitter than they appear. A true [clown emoji]. Bitter at this point is an understatement.”

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Thierry also suggested a connection between Mustard’s actions and a TikTok incident, describing it as his attempt to exert control and inflict punishment. She criticized what she perceives as jealousy, stating, “A jealous BD [baby daddy] ain’t nothing to underestimate.”

This recent outburst follows a legal development in October when Mustard accused Thierry of attempting to unlawfully obtain his financial information and demanded $10,000 from her. He claimed that she issued subpoenas to his former employers seeking irrelevant documents in an effort to prolong the divorce proceedings and gather information for a higher child support claim.

The ongoing legal battle and public exchanges highlight the challenges and complexities of divorce, especially when it involves high-profile individuals. Thierry’s claims about Mustard’s refusal to allow holiday visitation further fuel the public discourse surrounding their tumultuous relationship.

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