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Charleston White Calls Out Drake for Trying to Embarrass Adin Ross on Stream



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In a recent Adin Ross stream, Charleston White didn’t mince words when it came to expressing his thoughts. While Ross was conversing with a female friend, Drake unexpectedly called in, playfully inquiring about a medication and aiming to tease Ross. However, Ross tried to delve into the details, prompting Drake to maintain a level of mystery. Subsequently, Drake left a comment hinting that the woman may be more interested in him than in Ross.

Charleston White swiftly entered the scene, making it clear he wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect. He admonished Drake, urging the woman not to let Drake undermine Ross, emphasizing that Ross is a better choice compared to someone who paints his fingernails. White boldly criticized Drake, suggesting he has plenty of admirers and should let Ross enjoy his time with the lady without interference. He further pressed the woman to reject any potential interest from Drake, asserting that Drake tends to engage in brief encounters.

What’s your take on Drake’s attempt to embarrass Adin Ross during the stream, and how do you feel about Charleston White calling out Drake for seemingly trying to flirt with Ross’s friend? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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