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Chrisean Rock Opens Up About Past Feuds and Intimate Moments with Blueface



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Reality star Chrisean Rock recently shared candid details about her life, acknowledging a previous altercation with Coi Leray and shedding light on intimate moments with rapper Blueface, her former partner.

During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee on Wednesday (November 1), Rock disclosed her clash with Coi Leray, revealing her belief that Leray was attempting to pursue her then-partner, Blueface. Rock stated that she perceived Leray’s intentions as flirtatious, thinking it was a collaboration offer in music but discovering a hidden agenda to get closer to her partner. Their fallout ensued due to Leray’s alleged ulterior motives.

Rock recounted the encounter, expressing her frustration with Leray’s actions, claiming she confronted Leray by throwing her phone, indicating her displeasure with the situation. The interview delved into personal details, including a conversation about her post-childbirth period and a sexual encounter with Blueface, despite her initial hesitation due to the recovery period.

The relationship between Chrisean Rock and Blueface has been characterized by fluctuations, marked by an on-and-off dynamic with various ups and downs. Rock recently made a statement during Kai Cenat’s streamed event, expressing her feelings about Blueface, generating some controversy among those present.

In the jail yard event, Rock was recorded taking a jab at Blueface, asking for a response from others present, but Kai Cenat made efforts to diffuse any tension, expressing his desire for peace and harmony among everyone involved.

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