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Jeezy Discloses Kanye West’s “What Would Jeezy Do?” Mentality During 808s & Heartbreak Creation



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In a recent interview with Ed Mylett on Sirius XM, Jeezy shared insights into Kanye West’s creative process during the making of the 2008 album “808s & Heartbreak,” revealing that Kanye adopted a “What would Jeezy do?” mentality. Jeezy, who contributed to the album with his appearance on the track “Amazing,” recounted flying to Hawaii to collaborate with Ye and discovering a chalkboard in the studio with the intriguing question.

“When he was doing that album ‘808s & Heartbreak,’ he called me and was like, ‘I need you to come out to Hawaii.’ And I’m like, ‘What for?’” Jeezy recalled. “So when I get out to Hawaii, he has this chalkboard out there and it said, ‘What would Jeezy do?’ He had all these songs on there and he was playing the songs, and he would watch what I would bob my head to.”

Kanye West, according to Jeezy, recognized Jeezy’s ability to communicate effectively with the audience and simplify his message. Jeezy also disclosed that Kanye collaborated with him on songs like “Put On” to appeal to a more “street” audience.

“I brought Kanye West out to Birthday Bash, it’s like the biggest show in Atlanta. We had a record together called ‘Put On’ and he’d never been in front of that many people that are, like, street people,” Jeezy explained. “His audience was more broad. But he wanted that — we all do.”

The interview also touched on Jeezy’s revelation that Kanye West’s 2007 hit “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was initially intended for his album “The Recession.” Jeezy shared the backstory, explaining how the track, originally titled “Wait Until I Get My Money Right,” underwent changes after Kanye added a verse and adjusted the beat.

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Despite feeling the impact of giving away a potential hit record, Jeezy expressed gratitude for the collaboration and acknowledged Kanye West’s creative influence. The intricate dynamics between the two artists provide a fascinating glimpse into the collaborative and transformative nature of the music industry.

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