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Joe Budden Criticizes Lupe Fiasco’s Flute Album Remix of André 3000’s Work



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joe Budden has taken a jab at Lupe Fiasco over the Chicago rapper’s remix of André 3000’s debut solo flute album, expressing his disapproval on his podcast. Budden urged Lupe to stop rapping over the flute-heavy tracks, claiming he quickly turned it off.

During the podcast, Budden humorously commented, “Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Yo dawg, it’s women listening… with vaginas. Please.” He went on to question Lupe’s choice, suggesting it was clout-chasing and criticizing the overall quality of the remix.

Lupe Fiasco had fulfilled his promise to remix André 3000’s New Blue Sun album, sharing a clip of him rapping over the intro song on social media. The remix showcased Lupe’s unique style and intricate lyricism over André 3000’s unconventional beats.

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Lupe had announced his intention to remix the album, tweeting, “Gonna rap all over that 3stacks album and put it in the time capsule for future generations.” The Food & Liquor artist has a history of rapping over diverse beats, previously tackling Radiohead’s “The National Anthem” and collaborating with Kanye West and Pharrell on a track that sampled Thom Yorke’s solo single.

André 3000 had surprised the music world with the release of his debut instrumental album, centered around his flute-playing. Responding to the misconception that he avoids rap albums, André clarified in a press release that he aspires to create a rap album but is searching for a unique and appealing way to express himself at this stage in his life. Despite no solo rap album, André 3000 has continued contributing guest verses to various artists’ tracks.

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