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Nicki Minaj Sends a Strong Message to Unapologetic Haters Ahead of “Pink Friday 2” Release



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Nicki Minaj took to Instagram Stories on Saturday (November 25) to deliver a powerful message to those she perceives as “haters” who haven’t offered her the respect she believes she deserves. In the post, she emphasized the importance of seizing the opportunity to apologize when presented and hinted at a new project, “Pink Friday 2,” set to drop on December 8.

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Minaj expressed her readiness to return to her roots with “Pink Friday 2,” promising to revisit the elements that defined her earlier music. In an interview with Vogue, she reflected on her past work, stating, “When I look back at a lot of my music, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, where was the me in it?’ So for this album, I went back to the old game plan.”

The rapper highlighted a particular lyric from “I’m The Best” on “Pink Friday 2,” stating, “I’m fighting for the girls who never thought they could win,” and emphasized the optimistic outlook she aims to convey through her music.

During the same interview, Minaj candidly discussed her experience with addiction to Percocet, revealing she became hooked on the painkiller after it was prescribed for menstrual pain. She emphasized the need for individuals with addiction histories to carefully consider their choices, drawing parallels with other celebrities who faced similar battles.

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Minaj noted, “Look at some of our biggest celebrities. They eventually either get laughed out of wanting to go outside anymore, like Michael Jackson, or criticized, like Whitney Houston, or they fight silent battles, like Prince. These are some of the greatest of all time. And one day they decided, ‘You know what? I’d rather self-medicate and be in my own world.’”

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Addressing past rumors, Nicki Minaj reaffirmed her commitment to transparency, denying ever having used cocaine. She urged fans to listen to her music to understand her genuine self-expression.

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