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Kyambogo University Takes Action Against Senior Professor Accused of Assaulting a Disabled Primary Student



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In a stormy council meeting held on Monday at Kyambogo University, the fate of a prominent professor and administrator known as Aaron was discussed and decided upon. Dr. Nakanugo Gorette chaired the meeting, which addressed serious allegations against the professor.

Professor Aaron is a highly influential figure at Kyambogo University, with significant teaching and administrative responsibilities. He is considered one of the most powerful individuals at the institution. However, recent events have cast a shadow over his reputation.

Last week, Professor Aaron was selected by an international NGO based in Kampala to accompany a group of disabled students from Apollo Kaggwa School in Mukono on a trip along Katosi Road. Disturbingly, it is alleged that he sexually assaulted one of the pupils during the trip, leaving her in significant pain. The incident came to light when the child returned to school, and teachers noticed her distress.

The NGO, known as Vision Project, reported the matter to the Kampala Metropolitan Police headquarters, resulting in the arrest of Professor Aaron. He spent several days in police custody before being released on bond. The allegations have serious implications for his career, as he was on the verge of becoming the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Kyambogo University.

Police officers who arrested Professor Aaron at his home on Namugongo Road reportedly discovered Viagra and sexual lubricants in his car. It is claimed that this was not the first time he had been involved in such cases of alleged sexual exploitation of minors with disabilities.

The story gained traction on social media, leading to significant embarrassment for Kyambogo University and its council members, including Prof. Ojambo. During their Monday meeting, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Erias Katunguka, faced questioning about his role in protecting Professor Aaron, which he denied. He asserted that he had not assisted in securing police bond for the accused professor and suggested that Aaron should be held accountable.

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Council members attempted to contact Professor Aaron to attend the meeting, but his phone was reportedly switched off, and he was said to be in hiding in his village in northern Uganda. During the meeting, council members voted to publish an advertisement in a newspaper, making it clear that Professor Aaron must face the consequences of his actions. The university council provided a phone number and email address for other potential victims of Professor Aaron’s alleged sexual harassment to come forward.

Sources within Kyambogo suggest that given the existence of a police file on Professor Aaron, he is likely to be interdicted by Professor Katunguka, who holds the authority to take such action. The professor will then face a disciplinary committee convened by the Kyambogo council, potentially leading to his dismissal in disgrace.

Insiders indicate that the council meeting on Monday was heated, with members expressing the necessity of dismissing Professor Aaron to protect the university’s reputation and distance it from alleged sexual harassment of disabled minors.

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