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Lumumba Amin Challenges President Museveni’s Rejection of Idi Amin Institute Proposal



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Lumumba Amin, the son of Uganda’s former President Idi Amin Dada, has strongly criticized President Museveni’s decision to reject the establishment of the proposed Idi Amin Institute. A letter from Museveni to his wife, Janet Museveni, the Minister of Education and Sports, advised against creating the institute as a tribute to Idi Amin.

Museveni cited the government under Idi Amin as unconstitutional, asserting there was nothing worthy of remembrance from that era. He emphasized that any forgiveness granted to Amin’s associates by Ugandans should suffice, urging to let the past be forgotten. Lumumba Amin expressed disbelief and sought clarification from President Museveni regarding the authenticity of the letter. He questioned the legal grounds on which such a directive was based.

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In response, Lumumba Amin labeled the letter as “idiotic” and expressed doubts about its authenticity, urging Museveni to confirm its authorship. He suggested that the president’s statement seemed like an outpouring of personal grievances rather than a constructive opinion from a governmental office.

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Additionally, Amin clarified that the Amin family was not involved in the institute proposal and suspected the move to be a political ploy to exploit government funds over the next three financial years.

Surprisingly, Lumumba Amin challenged President Museveni to address allegations from 1973 involving the president being seen driving a Volkswagen allegedly connected to the abduction of the then Chief Justice and Prime Minister, Benedicto Kiwanukka, as reported by eyewitnesses.

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