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Latto Sparks Speculation of Nicki Minaj Shade in New Song with Anycia



In a sneak peek of an upcoming video shoot shared on social media, Latto, alongside Anycia, dropped what fans believe could be subtle shade directed at Nicki Minaj. The 777 artist previewed a snippet where she raps, “Got auntie hatin, she burnt!”

When DJ Akademiks posted the clip on his page, drawing attention to the possible Nicki Minaj shade, Latto shared it on her own story without hesitation. In the comments section, fans of both artists engaged in their usual banter, with Anycia’s supporters expressing disappointment that she was not acknowledged.

Anycia, on the other hand, shared another preview of the song and took the opportunity to praise Latto, describing her as an amazing, sweet, down-to-earth, humble, and welcoming person. She also highlighted the strong bond between Latto and her sister Brooke.

The feud between Latto and Nicki Minaj dates back to a Twitter spat in 2022, sparked by the Grammy categorization of their respective songs. Nicki expressed frustration that her song “Super Freaky Girl” was classified as pop, while Latto’s “Big Energy” wasn’t considered rap. The Twitter exchange escalated into personal shots, leading to ongoing speculation of tension between the two artists.

Fans previously speculated that Latto dissed Nicki in her hit “Put It On Da Floor,” and Nicki Minaj, in turn, allegedly responded in her recent track “Fallin 4 U.” Despite clever wordplay, neither artist has directly mentioned the other’s name in their lyrics, leaving the ongoing feud open to fan speculation.

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