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Kanye West Flaunts Titanium Teeth Makeover in James Bond-Inspired Grills



Renowned rapper and producer Kanye West has unveiled a bold transformation, showcasing his newly remodeled teeth adorned with titanium. In a series of Instagram Stories shared on Wednesday (January 17), West revealed his distinctive silver-grey metal grill featuring extended canines. Drawing parallels to the iconic James Bond antagonist Jaws, West displayed his unique dental upgrade.

Initial reports from The Daily Mail suggested that Kanye West had undergone a dramatic dental procedure, allegedly having all his teeth removed and replaced with titanium. However, HipHopDX later confirmed with one of West’s representatives that these claims were inaccurate.

Dr. Thomas Connelly, the professional behind the reported $850,000 alteration, clarified the process and complimented West’s collaborative approach. According to Dr. Connelly, West’s artistic vision seamlessly combined with dental science, resulting in a groundbreaking and epic new look.

This venture into dental innovation is not the first time a celebrity has explored unique grills. Last year, Rihanna purchased a grill inspired by the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, which she proudly displayed at her son RZA’s first birthday party. Crafted by Gabby Elan Jewelry, the grill featured 18-karat diamonds inscribed on the bottom jaw and the word “Dirt” across the top. The piece was an authentic replica of a grill owned by ODB in the ’90s, created by the same jeweler.

Rihanna’s birthday celebration for her son, themed around the Wu-Tang Clan, saw her donning the custom ODB-inspired grill and dressing up as the legendary artist. The party featured A$AP Rocky taking on the persona of Ghostface Killah, contributing to the vibrant Wu-Tang Clan-themed festivities.

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