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Suge Knight Attributes 2Pac Project Failure to Eminem in Candid Interview



In a recent episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, former Death Row Records boss Suge Knight discussed various topics, including loyalty, the music industry, and workout routines, with comedian Katt Williams. During their conversation, Knight touched on the challenges of managing 2Pac’s legacy after his death and pointed to Eminem as the reason behind what he views as the only failure in 2Pac’s discography.

Knight mentioned that numerous individuals sought to collaborate on projects related to 2Pac after his passing, and he singled out Eminem for overseeing the one project that, in his opinion, did not resonate well with audiences. The specific album referenced is “Loyal to the Game,” a collection of unreleased recordings by 2Pac produced entirely by Slim Shady.

Suge Knight and Eminem have a history marked by turbulence, as highlighted by G-Unit member Tony Yayo in a previous interview. Yayo recounted an incident during the early 2000s at 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” video shoot in Los Angeles, where Eminem stood up to Knight, who had arrived with a group of Mexican gangsters.

Yayo praised Eminem’s fearless attitude, describing the chaos that ensued when Suge Knight arrived and how Eminem, seemingly undeterred, confronted the situation. The rapper emphasized his respect for Eminem, recalling the moment when he realized that Eminem was a “real” individual, unafraid in the face of potential conflict.

The interview also touched upon an intense moment when Proof, a member of Eminem’s entourage, confronted Suge Knight, accusing him of being involved in 2Pac’s demise. Yayo acknowledged the wild nature of Detroit natives, particularly those from 7 and 8 Mile, highlighting Proof’s audacious personality. The interview concluded with a tribute to Proof, who has since passed away.

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