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Little Brother Reflects on Memorable Studio Session with JAY-Z at Baseline Studios



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Little Brother, the North Carolina rap duo, recently reminisced about a significant moment in their early 2000s career when they had the opportunity to work with JAY-Z at the renowned Baseline Studios in New York City. During an appearance on My Expert Opinion, Big Pooh and Phonte shared their excitement about being part of a studio session with the rap icon in his hometown.

Big Pooh vividly recalled the experience, saying, “I still remember when we were on tour and came to New York and got to go to Baseline, and we’re sitting there, and Jay had that shit on 100. He’s sitting in the back of the room looking at us, and I’m looking at him. It was a great moment. A great moment.”

The co-hosts of the show also probed Little Brother about their feelings when their in-house producer, 9th Wonder, received the call to collaborate with JAY-Z. Big Pooh responded, “I was happy for him. Like, it’s JAY-Z, my n-gga. I think a lot of people wanna believe that our issues with him stem from something music or business. Once you come to understand who people are, then you say okay, I either decide I want to continue working or being friends with this person, or I don’t.”

Continuing the sentiment, he added, “As we were moving forward, we understood we’re not the same. There’s nothing you could do about that. You are who you are.” Phonte chimed in, expressing the shock they felt when hearing about 9th Wonder getting the placement, saying, “When we heard he got a placement, it was like, ‘Holy shit!'”

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9th Wonder went on to produce “Threat” from JAY-Z’s 2003 album “The Black Album.” Subsequently, he connected with Beyoncé during the same studio session, leading to his involvement in producing Destiny’s Child’s final album, “Destiny Fulfilled.”

Reflecting on his experience working with JAY-Z, 9th Wonder shared on the Say Less Podcast, “I walk in and see [JAY-Z], I’m like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I ended up playing 29 beats for him. He said, ‘I like what you got, can you come back Monday and make something for me on the spot?’ I made something for him on the spot, and he said my name on the track. End of story.” 9th Wonder officially parted ways with the Big Brother family in 2007.

Recently named to Billboard’s Greatest Rap Producers List at No. 24, 9th Wonder expressed his surprise and gratitude on social media, writing, “Wow. Never expected to make top 25 on @billboard’s list. There’s been a lot of dope producers in the last 50 years of our culture. Salute to you all! Thanks to the staff! Grateful.”

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