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MTN Uganda Takes the Lead with 5G and 4G+ Rollout



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The telecommunications landscape has witnessed a significant shift in recent years, especially with the advent of 5G technology, marking a transformative era in connectivity and reshaping the way individuals interact with the digital sphere.

MTN Uganda, a prominent entity in the nation’s telecommunications sector, achieved a groundbreaking milestone by being the first telecom operator to introduce 5G connectivity in the country, setting off in July of the current year.

Within the last quarter of 2023, MTN Uganda has implemented over 35 sites, starting in the bustling city of Kampala. The extensive rollout includes the optimization of 4G+ technology, an enhanced version of 4G, promising commendable strides in terms of speed, capacity, latency, and overall connectivity. These innovations offer not only accelerated internet speeds but also hold the potential to revolutionize various industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, and transportation.

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Sylvia Mulinge, the Chief Executive Officer at MTN Uganda, underlines the pivotal role of the 5G rollout, stating, “As part of our latest Unstoppable Network campaign, we are dedicated to showcasing the substantial investment to ensure that our services support both individual and government initiatives for advancement within our communities and country.”

Mulinge emphasizes the strategic mix of 4G+ and 5G technologies in their approach, aligning with the requirements of individual, institutional, and corporate clientele.

In support of Uganda’s ongoing development, MTN is committed to assisting customers in optimizing their devices for 5G while continuing to expand the technology’s coverage across the country.

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“We are introducing improved connectivity that enhances services and unlocks previously untapped economic opportunities. The launch of 5G aligns with MTN’s broader strategic vision of pioneering digital solutions to drive Uganda’s progress,” Mulinge highlights.

The 5G rollout by MTN Uganda has focused on key urban and commercial hubs, encompassing Kampala’s central business district and the surrounding areas. In addition, cities like Fort Portal and Kasese have also experienced the activation of 5G to foster commercial applications. The phased rollout will extend to other regions throughout 2024.

Areas connected with 5G are already witnessing enhanced and uninterrupted connectivity, providing customers and businesses access to unparalleled networking capabilities. The technology boasts significantly faster data transfer speeds, reduced latency, and increased network capacity, enabling seamless high-definition video streaming, clear voice calls, and ultra-responsive online gaming experiences, thereby ensuring productivity across various applications.

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Ali Monzer, MTN Uganda’s Chief Technical and Information Officer (CTIO), notes the ongoing efforts to extend coverage across the entire country, emphasizing MTN’s commitment to narrowing the digital divide and granting access to the benefits of today’s interconnected world.

Monzer accentuates the transformative influence of 5G network services on Ugandan businesses, enhancing efficiency and productivity across industries. He underscores the technology’s complementarity with MTN Uganda’s growing fiber and 4G network, creating a holistic telecommunications ecosystem.

The impact of 5G is far-reaching, promising speeds up to 100 times faster than existing technologies, significantly reduced data transmission latency, and enabling a wide spectrum of digital applications from virtual reality to ultra-high-definition video streaming.

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Monzer emphasizes that 5G is the catalyst propelling us into a new era of connectivity and innovation, expanding the horizons of what’s feasible.

MTN Uganda’s dedication to investing in infrastructure to stay at the forefront of connectivity, ensuring faster, more reliable connections to its expanding customer base of over 19 million, aligns with its Ambition 2025 strategy.

As MTN Uganda remains committed to bringing internationally benchmarked connectivity and technological advancements to the country, the future appears promising, fostering an evolving landscape of connectivity and innovation.

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