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Museveni Labels U.S. and U.K. as Principal Actors in Global Terrorism



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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has expressed his discontent with the United States and the United Kingdom embassies for issuing advisories to their citizens, cautioning against travel to Uganda due to terrorism concerns. Museveni, in a statement addressing the recently concluded Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja districts, asserted that if any advisory were necessary, it should be provided by the government and not external entities.

In response to the advisories, Museveni stated, “These panicky Americans and British are mistake makers. If the situation was so dire, it would be our responsibility to advise people, not the British and the Americans. These advisories are another form of interference in our internal affairs by these elements.”

The president further suggested a connection between terrorism in Africa and the actions of Western actors. “Part of the terrorism in Africa is either created or conserved by some of the actors trying to be global policemen,” Museveni commented, pointing to the chaos in Libya and the Sahel region as examples.

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Museveni commended Uganda’s security forces for ensuring the successful conclusion of the Nyege Nyege festival, acknowledging credible information about external elements attempting to infiltrate the event. Despite the threats, the security system demonstrated strength in safeguarding the massive public function.

On a lighter note, President Museveni playfully wondered about the delayed appearance of grasshoppers, a traditional delicacy in Uganda. He mused about climate change affecting the usual November arrival of the grasshoppers and inquired about the appearance of flying ants, known as enswa, traditionally seen in October.

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In his concluding remarks, Museveni expressed curiosity about the timing of these natural events while also emphasizing the government’s commitment to handling internal matters without external interference.

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