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President Museveni’s Trade Hub in Serbia Allegedly a Disguised Bar



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Uganda’s ‘Coffee Investment Consortium Initiative’ launched a purported trade hub in Belgrade, Serbia, called ‘Uganda Connect,’ by President Museveni is now alleged to be a bar, according to recent revelations. Despite its initial promotion as a platform to facilitate Uganda’s exports, visitors to ‘Uganda Connect’ reportedly found it to be a bar where patrons enjoy foreign beers and cocktails.

The hub, which received over Shs 5 billion for furnishing, stocking, and promotion, has sparked concerns about the potential misuse of funds. President Museveni inaugurated the hub in July 2023, aiming to strengthen bilateral relations between Uganda and Serbia and boost Uganda’s presence in the Balkans region.

However, recent reports suggest that the Serbian government may have perceived the ‘Uganda Connect’ project as a sham. President Museveni expressed gratitude for the opportunity to promote Ugandan exports in Serbia, particularly emphasizing the potential for processed goods like coffee.

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Despite earlier optimism, the hub is now in limbo, with claims that it has not fulfilled its intended purpose. The Coffee Investment Consortium Initiative, led by Nelson Tugume, received $1 million from the Finance Ministry to support its members’ participation in showcasing their products at the trade hub.

However, reports indicate internal strife within the consortium, with members accusing Tugume of lack of accountability and the initiative losing direction. Uganda Coffee Development Authority’s reports show no coffee exports to Serbia since the opening of the ‘Uganda Connect’ hub in July. The situation has raised questions about the legitimacy and effectiveness of the project, with critics branding it as fraudulent.

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