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Sanitation Concerns Mount in Kabale Town as Residents Call for Urgent Return of Roadside Dustbins”



Sanitation Concerns Mount in Kabale Town as Residents Call for Urgent Return of Roadside Dustbins"
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The residents of Kabale Municipality are facing growing apprehension due to the heightened risk of contracting diseases resulting from deteriorating sanitation conditions. This escalating concern is attributed to the absence of roadside dustbins, prompting worry and distress among the town’s inhabitants.

Mathias Namanya, Jungu Hamuza, Akanyijika Allan, and several other residents have voiced their distress, underscoring the inconvenience and adverse effects on the town’s cleanliness caused by the absence of these crucial waste disposal units. They place the responsibility squarely on the municipal authorities for neglecting the issue, emphasizing the potential outbreak of diseases due to improper waste disposal practices.

Expressing deep concern over the disappearance of previously installed dustbins along roads, these residents urgently appeal to the authorities for immediate action. Their collective plea is for the reinstallation of much-needed roadside dustbins to address the escalating garbage crisis in Kabale Town, highlighting the necessity of these waste disposal facilities for maintaining public health and cleanliness.

Alex Beingana, the Southern Division Town Clerk, shed light on the initial presence of sufficient dustbins in Kabale town. However, due to misuse, including dumping items like children’s items and diapers, the dustbins were removed, exacerbating the waste disposal situation.

Acknowledging the gravity of the problem, Kabale Municipality Mayor Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha has assured residents that the Municipal Council has taken steps to address the issue. The council has procured Tukutuku for garbage collection, a move set to resume service soon, aiming to mitigate the ongoing sanitation challenges within the town.

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