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UPDF in North Kivu, DRC, Welcomes Lt Col Tumwesigye as Deputy Commander, Boosting EACRF Collaboratio



UPDF in North Kivu, DRC, Welcomes Lt Col Tumwesigye as Deputy Commander, Boosting EACRF Collaboratio
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In a significant ceremony held at the headquarters in Niongera Kiwanja of Rutshuru territory in North Kivu, the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Contingent, an integral part of the East African Regional Force (EACRF), officially introduced Lt Col Frank Tumwesigye as their new Deputy Contingent Commander. This induction ceremony marked a pivotal moment in bolstering the operational capacity and collaborative efforts within the region.

Colonel Michael Walaka Hyeroba, the Contingent Commander, emphasized the significance of fostering a spirit of teamwork among the troops. During the ceremony, he stressed the importance of cooperation and unity among the forces, encouraging seamless coordination with the newly appointed deputy.

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Addressing the assembly, Col Hyeroba stated, “As UGACON’s family, I urge you all to collaborate with my deputy so that we work together as a team to fulfill our mandate as required by EACRF.”

Expressing profound gratitude to the UPDF leadership for their deployment under the EACRF, Lt Col Frank Tumwesigye pledged to work in close conjunction with the entire EACRF Forces to accomplish the mandated objectives. His commitment and dedication signify a renewed vigor within the contingent to achieve the shared goals of the EACRF.

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Taking on the role of UGACON Deputy Contingent Commander, Lt Col Frank Tumwesigye succeeds Lt Col Henry Kakuru Tukwasibwe, assuming the responsibilities that come with the position to ensure the seamless functioning of the contingent in its operations.

The Uganda Contingent, working in tandem with the broader EACRF, remains resolute in its dedication to fulfilling the mandated tasks and ensuring the safety of civilians and humanitarian aid workers within the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This seamless transition in leadership is poised to enhance the collaborative efforts and bolster the efficiency of the forces in achieving their collective objectives in the region.

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