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Snoop Dogg Shares Insights on Streaming Economics, Discloses Payout for One Billion Spotify Streams



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Snoop Dogg recently provided a glimpse into the financial landscape of streaming, revealing the compensation he received from his publishing company after reaching one billion streams on Spotify. In a conversation on the Business Untitled podcast with hosts Mel Carter, Mike Novogratz, and David Barry, the iconic rapper discussed various facets of the music industry, including his foray into NFTs and crypto.

Snoop highlighted his plans to empower creators to sell their art without traditional music business intermediaries, aiming for direct transactions without the need for platforms like Apple or Spotify. As the co-founder of Shiller, a live-streaming app utilizing web3 technology, Snoop emphasized the importance of giving creators control over their narrative and revenue streams.

Addressing the competition posed by streaming services, Snoop Dogg delved into the financial aspect, sharing a specific example from Spotify. He mentioned receiving data indicating a billion streams but expressed disappointment at the payout, stating, “My publisher hit me. I said, ‘Break that down. How much money is that?’ That shit wasn’t even $45,000.”

The context of the conversation makes it unclear whether Snoop was referring to the total earnings from the billion streams or specifically addressing publishing royalties. Publishing royalties are typically divided among songwriters and can involve separate shares for music and lyrics.

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Additionally, the rapper shared insights into his financial struggles at a certain point in his career, recounting advice about bankruptcy from his accountant. Snoop resisted the suggestion due to concerns about public perception, emphasizing the disparities faced by Black artists in the industry. He reflected on the challenges of financial recovery, stating, “When we do it, ‘Oh, that n-gga fucked off his money, he ain’t shit.’ So now we gotta start three feet behind the line again.”

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Snoop Dogg’s revelations shed light on the complexities and challenges artists face in navigating the evolving landscape of the music business and streaming economics.

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