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Cam’ron Fires Back at Melyssa Ford, Accusing Her of Being an “Expensive Escort” Amid Podcast Feud



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Cam’ron has escalated the ongoing feud with Melyssa Ford, branding her as an “expensive escort” in the wake of Joe Budden’s efforts to support her during The Joe Budden Podcast. The Dipset rapper took to Instagram on Saturday to share a clip from the podcast where Budden defended Ford, referring to those who admire her on Instagram as favoring “the bad escorts” and specifying “the cheap ones.”

Seizing the opportunity, Cam’ron reposted the clip with a provocative title, questioning, “Oh, she’s an expensive escort? How much, bro?” He added a cautionary caption, advising everyone to move on from the controversy for their own well-being.

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The feud initially sparked when Cam’ron shared an anecdote about a wild visit to a brothel with Murda during the ’90s. Ford, a regular co-host on The Joe Budden Podcast, raised concerns about potential underage girls being present in the establishment, triggering backlash from her co-hosts, including Budden.

While Budden’s response was relatively restrained, Cam’ron took a more aggressive stance on his sports talk show, It Is What It Is, threatening to have Ford deported to Canada and dismissing her apology as insincere.

In an Instagram Live session, Cam’ron vehemently denied allegations of engaging with underage girls and called Ford’s apology “fake.” He went on to make accusations against her, claiming she had once exchanged sexual favors with Ice-T for money. Cam’ron also hinted at the possibility of taking legal action for defamation of character.

In response, Budden addressed the controversy on his podcast, dismissing Cam’ron’s threats and expressing his solidarity with Ford. Asserting that he takes the high road and doesn’t engage in public disputes, Budden encouraged Cam’ron to pursue any legal action he deemed necessary, emphasizing that he stands by Ford as a colleague and friend.

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The feud between Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford continues to unfold, with both parties maintaining their positions in the ongoing public exchange.


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