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Tesehki Opens Up About Ongoing Feud with Sister Chrisean Rock



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In a recent interview with AHRR NETWORK, Tesehki delved into the persistent feud with her sister, Chrisean Rock, shedding light on a tumultuous incident that has forever altered their relationship. The Baddies star reflected on the experience of being jumped by Chrisean and her friends, emphasizing that the aftermath has left an irreparable rift between them. According to Tesehki, reconciliation is out of the question, as certain actions are deemed unforgivable.

“I can never be cool with her,” Tesehki expressed. “I stand on certain things, and I’ve always been the provider and protector in my family.” Recounting her upbringing with seven siblings, Tesehki acknowledged her capacity for forgiveness over the years. However, she asserted that her connection with Chrisean has reached an insurmountable impasse.

“This is different,” she continued. “You get me jumped? And then you jump me with them? […] And then you have the nerve to call me and try to apologize?” Tesehki revealed that Chrisean attempted a reconciliation by initiating a “one-on-one talk” about the incident. Unwilling to entertain the idea, Tesehki explained how the betrayal has eroded the trust she once placed in her sister. The fear of potential harm looms large, making any future disagreements a cause for concern.

“I shouldn’t have to be around people like that,” she added. “I’d just rather not even put myself around you.” The interview provides insight into Tesehki’s perspective on the strained relationship with Chrisean Rock, highlighting the deep-seated wounds that continue to impact their familial bond. What are your thoughts on Tesehki’s stance, and do you believe she is justified in maintaining her distance? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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