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Tinashe Playfully Declares Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy” as Her 2024 Theme Song



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Tinashe humorously announced Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy” as her theme song for 2024, expressing her desire to manifest the title’s essence during a conversation with Billboard on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday (January 7).

Sharing her musical choice, the “2 On” singer stated, “My theme song for 2024 is ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ by Drake because I’m manifesting for myself a rich baby daddy!”

While Tinashe embraces the track, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Rapper Dee-1 recently criticized the song after witnessing a viral video of young girls dancing to it, expressing concern about the content and its impact on young audiences.

“This ain’t cool, man,” Dee-1 commented on the performance. “And this ain’t cute. But the real question is, what are we going to do about it? It takes artists to make the music, it takes fans to support the music, and it takes adults to figure out what they’re going to expose their kids to. Right?”

Continuing his thoughts, he emphasized the responsibility of both fans and artists in influencing the content and messages promoted in the music industry.

The song, featuring Sexyy Red and SZA, prompted SZA to address her lyrics, acknowledging the challenge of understanding them. She clarified the lines, providing fans with a breakdown of her contribution to the track and sharing the backstory of recording while unwell.

“’You been so good and you deserve to end your suffering, I need good dick n conversation can you comfort me. I got a feeling this is more than what we both say. I got a feeling this is more than feelings,” SZA clarified the lyrics in a reposted story. “I can’t let you get away .. feels good but it can’t be love. Ain’t a damn thing that I’d do! Ain’t a damn thing oooooo’ just in case lmao love y’all.”

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