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Tragic Loss of Three Employees in Ugandan Coffee Factory Prompts Police Investigation



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A devastating incident at a coffee factory in Uganda’s central district of Mityana has resulted in the deaths of three employees, prompting a police investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding their tragic demise.

The deceased individuals have been identified as Collins Sseguya (21), James Kimbugwe (19), and Bashir Migala (25), all employed by Zigoti Coffee Works Limited. Their untimely deaths are believed to have occurred within an elevator shaft at the factory.

Racheal Kawala, the Wamala Region Police spokesperson, reported that the distressing incident was brought to their attention around midday on a Friday. The factory’s manager, Musa Mutagwa, notified the Mityana district Police fire station about the tragic situation, explaining that three adult males had lost their lives inside the factory’s elevator shaft.

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The coffee factory is located in Zigoti South LC1, Zigoti town council, within Mityana district.

Following the report, Mityana’s fire prevention and emergency rescue team promptly responded to the scene and successfully recovered the bodies, as detailed by Kawala.

Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that during the incident, a malfunction in a coffee processing machine led to its shutdown. In an attempt to address the issue, James Kimbugwe descended into the elevator shaft to investigate. Unfortunately, he did not reappear.

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Collins Sseguya and Bashir Migala then attempted to rescue their colleague by entering the shaft, but tragically, they did not return.

The ongoing investigation leads the police to suspect that the victims might have succumbed to suffocation due to an oxygen deficiency within the elevator shaft.

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Consequently, the bodies were taken to Mityana District Hospital for postmortem examinations to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this distressing incident.


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