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Yelawolf Opens Up About Giving Away $100,000 in Clothing After Mac Miller’s Death



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During a recent appearance on the Bootleg Kev Podcast, Yelawolf shared heartfelt memories of his friendship with Mac Miller and the impact of the rapper’s untimely passing. Recalling their initial meeting at an event for XXL, Yelawolf expressed deep affection for Miller and revealed a touching gesture he made in the wake of his friend’s death.

“I love Mac, man. Mac is the best, dude. I love Mac so much,” Yelawolf expressed. “When Mac passed, dude, I was so hurt from that that I gave away everything I own. That’s a true story. I gave away every article of clothing that I own when Mac passed, the next day. Just ’cause I felt like I needed to do something nice.”

Reflecting on their first encounter during a freestyle session for the XXL cover, Yelawolf reminisced about the instant camaraderie they shared. “He might have been, God, 19? I mean, he was young, young,” he recalled. “It was a very affectionate, almost an instant big brother role. Like, ‘Alright, dude. Let’s go. I see you.'”

Yelawolf also spoke fondly of their evolving relationship, from sharing stages to exchanging messages. “He went on to make incredible music, obviously,” Yelawolf said. “That was my homie, man. When he passed, I had just text him weeks before. Just tapping in, you know what I mean?”

Mac Miller’s tragic death in 2018 from an accidental drug overdose left a profound impact on the music community. Yelawolf’s poignant reflections underscore the lasting bond and influence Miller had on those around him. Stay tuned for more updates on Yelawolf and his reflections on Mac Miller.

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