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50 Cent Intensifies Feud with Diddy, Resurfaces Old Mase Interview Comparing Bad Boy Founder to RuPaul



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The longstanding feud between 50 Cent and Diddy has recently escalated, with the former targeting the Bad Boy Records founder on social media. 50 Cent has been particularly vocal about Diddy’s ongoing legal battles related to alleged sexual assault, frequently making insinuations about his personal life and event gatherings.

In the latest episode of the online feud, 50 Cent shared a clip from a 2002 interview with Mase, in which the rapper seemingly draws a comparison between Diddy and renowned drag queen RuPaul. In the interview, Mase discusses the concept of Diddy releasing a gospel album, revealing that they are not on speaking terms but expressing his prayers for Diddy’s well-being.

During the interview, Mase raises a provocative question about Diddy, asking, “I mean, can RuPaul put out a gospel album?” 50 Cent leveraged this old footage to add fuel to the ongoing feud. However, this isn’t the first time 50 Cent has delved into the archives to criticize Diddy. Earlier this month, he shared a video clip of Method Man discussing a shocking incident he allegedly witnessed at one of Diddy’s parties. Method Man clarified in the comments section that he wants to stay out of the feud and asserted that the video was edited, directing viewers to the authentic version on YouTube.

As 50 Cent continues to throw shade at Diddy, the online community remains divided on the appropriateness of the attacks. The resurfaced clip of Mase’s interview has sparked discussions about the tactics employed in this feud. What are your thoughts on 50 Cent’s ongoing criticism of Diddy, and how do you interpret the old clip featuring Mase’s comparison? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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1 Comment

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